Monday, May 23

turning into my mother

yesterday as Isabelle and I were on our way home from the grocery store, a new song from Justin Timberlake came on the radio.  "I haven't heard this one yet!" I said, and Isabelle said she hadn't either!  I asked her if she knew who N' Sync was and, of course, she did not.  I told her that when I was a kid, N' Sync was soo much hotter than One Direction..  and I raised my eyebrows to match her disbelief when I told her that Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears used to be boyfriend girlfriend and they would match their outfits at award shows and go out to cool clubs and stuff together.  mind blown, right?!?

and then I flashed back to being 13 when my mom showed me a CD cover of Billy Ray Cyrus circa 1980-something.. he was shirtless and had long Fabio-greased curls at the end of his mullet, skinny arms, and clearly couldn't even grow a beard back then.. She told me that he was THE sexiest and coolest when she was younger (and bear in mind this was before Miley/Hannah Montana and Billy Ray's second and much farther-reaching wave of fame) and I remember nodding my head like "mm-hm okay mom, it's so cute how you don't even know what's cool."

and as I sat in the driver's seat of my mom-car, with Isabelle politely leaving me to ponder the whereabouts of my N' Sync and Backstreet Boys CD collection, a hypothetical airplane dragged a hypothetical banner in front of my face stating:


ahhh my HECK.  It's happened!  My kid nods her head and politely doesn't tell me how One Direction are all doing the solo thing now but it's cute that I know their name.. and then she told me about all the drama that happened when some famous guy I've never heard of just broke up with somebody, like Ariana Grande or something and how everybody was so upset about it?  I literally don't even know who these people are..

truthfully I have no idea about any of the cool stuff any more.. and I blame this on the fact that the currently famous people like Justin Bieber and what's that adorable little latino girl used to be on Disney channel and now she wears sexy make up and flings her wet hair around and strips half naked in music videos?) but all of those famous kids? THEY ARE 12! And why would I actively stalk 12 year olds whose parents let them dress like that when I could alternatively stalk relatable adults, like Britney Spears who's just a mom keeping it real on Instragram??  When I heard that Justin Bieber song that talks about how some girl uses his name to get in to all the cool clubs, I was like "K cutie pie, let's not pretend that you and your schoolyard girlfriend are even old enough to get into a club.. *rolls eyes* fairly certain your balls haven't even dropped yet."  Well I was so amused by his silly fibs about getting into clubs that I googled it, and he is 22! How is this CHILD only 4 years younger than I am?!? 

I'm basically a grandma.

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